03/25/05:                                                                                             SNEAK PEEK AT GENIE #1                                                            NEWSARAMA  has let the Genie out of the bottle, a fully lettered, 7 page preview of Genie #1 is on their site. Check it out here.                  

02/24/05:                                                                                             WISHES WILL COME TRUE WITH  'GENIE'                             Three wishes. Three chances to change anything about yourself or even change the world itself. (For rest of story click here)

 02/18/05:                                                                                              TILMAN TALKS !!!  Head on over to COMIC BOOK RESOURCES.com  to  see what he had to say about HELL, Michigan, Funnel Cloud 9, and comics in general!

01/17/05:                                                                                            There is an interview with HELL, Michigan scribe DAN JOLLEY at SILVER BULLET COMIC BOOKS.com  posted in last Sunday's "All the Rage" column. Be sure and check it out.   

 01/09/05:                                                                                                     NEW COMIC PUBLISHER POISED FOR SUCCESS: With a planned solicitation in April for a June release of it's first 2 on-going monthly titles from FC9, and with creators such as Dan Jolley, Jim Keplinger, Clint Hilinski, and Elisou Goveia, FC9 is ready to make it's jump into the world of comic book publishing.                      (For rest of story click here)



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