08/18/05:                                                                                                     GET IT HERE!: If you haven't noticed, there's a new link on the left leading to our new webstore! Through August, every 10th customer gets some free signed gear with their purchase.

07/29/05:                                                                                                     GO TO HELL... AGAIN: HELL, Michigan #1 has sold out at both the publisher and distributor levels.  HELL, Michigan #1 is headed back to press. Read the official press release here.  

07/28/05:                                                                                                     I WISH FOR A COMIC BOOK LEGEND: You got it! Herb Trimpe's fantastic art graces the cover to Genie # 4. Check it out here.

07/28/05:                                                                                                     HELL HATH NO FURY... LIKE ISSUE #4: The final issue from the Domination story line is coming with one 'Hell' of an ending. See it here.  

07/28/05:                                                                                                     INFINITEENS HAVE TAKEN OVER FC9: That's right folks, check out our latest 'super heroic' title here.                                                                   

06/29/05:                                                                                                     THE GENIE IS OUT OF THE BOTTLE:  Jim Keplinger talks about it at COMIC BOOK RESOURCES.com.                                                        
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