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2005 will be the year that FC9 will move into the comic book publishing world in a big way. With a planned launch for our first 2 on-going monthly titles in late Spring, and even more follow up titles set for a Summer release, we plan to make sure that we don't go unnoticed in the comic book community.

In early 2004, Tilman Goins started laying the ground work for what would become Funnel Cloud 9, Inc, an entertainment company specializing in comic books and various comic related properties and licenses. Taking the time to find only the best talent, and developing the best properties, FC9 hopes to not only publish great stories, but raise the bar of comic book excellence and story telling.

It's a bold decision to launch two comic books simultaneously for a new company, and even bolder to choose books from two completely different genres. FC9 doesn't want to carry a stereo type of only being able to produce one specific type of book. Our lead off titles represent opposite ends of the spectrum, and you can expect to see everything in between in the years to come.