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Writer: Aaron Weisbrod
Artist: Various
96 Pages

A single mother is convinced her newborn child is the spawn of the devil. A teenage girl, long-thought kidnapped, is suddenly found alive and well at a service plaza on the turnpike with a mysterious traveling companion. A wannabe Goth-rocker tries to sell his soul to the Devil only to discover Satan is seeking Platinum. A Louisiana police officer shares his darkest secret with his partner as a sign of his twisted love. The final battle of two bitter sorcerers threatens to bring about the end of all creation. Welcome to NIGHTMARE WORLD.

NIGHTMARE WORLD: "Knee Deep in the Dead" and other Tales of Terror features thirteen stand-alone stories written by Aaron Weisbrod and illustrated by a host of amazing established and up-and-coming artists. Featuring an introduction by the legendary Brian (LADY DEATH, Chaos Comics) Pulido, this is the book fans of mature yet non-gratuitous horror have been waiting for! A new era in intelligent, yet all-age friendly horror has arrived!