GENIE#2                                                                                           Writer: Jim Keplinger
Artist: Eliseu (ZEU) Gouveia
Cover: Juan Ferreyra

SYNOPSIS:                                                                                                                                                                              FIRST WISH pt 2, THE BURNING ARM OF XANDA                           A powerful Djinn released in the desert to grant an advancing army control over the defending forces of a tiny Oasis. A Genie is released in Bagdad after a little girl is kid-napped off the crowded streets in the bazaar. In modern Small Town, America a boy (Jeffrey Allen) unexpectantly finds a Genie after being given a swirly by a group of bullies in a crowded shopping mall. In issue #2 we learn that genies aren't as 'all powerful' as some believe, and in fact have been traded like slaves by the ancient City of Atlantis. In modern times, the bullies continue to chase Jeffrey through the downtown streets, which leads to his casting of his first wish. Someone out there knows the Genie has been released, and he's determined to track her down and take her for himself.

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